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Rental Dome in North Carolina
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34' Dome -- 1,175 sq.ft. (two bedroom/two bath)

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The owners of American Ingenuity are offering their personal vacation dome to a limited group of people so they can experience dome living first hand. The cabin dome is located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains just a mile off the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, 40 miles northeast of Asheville in Busick North Carolina midway between Burnsville and Marion North Carolina.

This dome is not a model home that visitors can stop by and tour. For the privacy of our renters, we cannot give out the address of the dome. It can only be visited by those who rent it.

As of January 2009, we have completely repainted the exterior and interior of our cabin dome so it is available to rent.  Sometimes our construction workers, that are building the first domes in our 160 acre Dome Community (the first phase is 80 acres), stay in the basement under the dome.  The basement apartment is accessed through a separate locked door.  The dome is accessed through a different locked (dead bolt) basement door.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this might cause.  To view a file that covers our dome community, click on Community.

Just to clarify this dome was built in 1996 and was a do-it-yourselfer project.  Michael and Glenda hired very few outside subcontractors so the quality of interior workmanship is medium quality.  The dome was built "cash out of pocket" so some items like carpeting were scrimped on.   At that time, the dome building kits did not include wallboard on the panels. So the interior finish applied to the E.P.S. insulation is plaster.  Repairs on a plastered wall are very difficult to conceal versus doing repairs on a drywalled we apologize that some repairs to the plaster are obvious.

Around 2004, Michael designed a 36' dome just because a 34' is alittle too small.  To view and print out our 36' stock plans, click on PDF. The floor plan that matches the cabin floor plan is called 36' Zeta 21.


From early April to mid November our climate is just about ideal. Normal summertime morning temperatures range between 55 and 60 degrees. Daytime temperatures hover around 80. Our spring and fall weather requires a sweater till mid morning. This mild climate produces blooming wild flowers from March to November. It has been said that this is where springtime spends the summer.

One of our cabin guests, Mr. Buckingham, filmed the interior and exterior of the dome and put it on YouTube.  To view the interior video, click on YouTube Cabin Interior.  To view part of the cabin exterior, click on YouTube Cabin Exterior

The following is a general description of the dome: 
  • Plan a night stay, a weekend getaway, a quiet midweek stay or a weeklong vacation.

  • The cabin is about three miles from the land Michael Busick purchased for his 160 acre dome community.

  • The cabin can easily sleep four people on the queen size bed and full size bed; plus the sofa opens out into a queen size bed.

  • The spiral stairs were built by Michael from rough sawed, red oak.  They do wiggle and although we expect the spiral stairs to be reasonably strong we suggest you limit the weight to 250 lbs. between landings.
  • The 1,200 sq.ft. 34' in diameter geodesic dome is fully furnished for a carefree vacation. Relax in the living and dining area. Ascend the homemade oak spiral staircase to the bedroom loft with full-size bed.

  • On cool mountain nights you can snuggle underneath handmade quilts in either the upstairs bedroom or the downstairs bedroom. Sheets, blankets, pillows and towels are provided.

  • Thermostatically controlled heating (kerosene monitor) assures your stay will be comfortable if you are visiting during the fall or for a winter weekend on the nearby ski slopes.  If you are sensitive to a slight kerosene aroma, you may not want to rent the dome.  Please note there is no Air Conditioning, portable fans are available.

  • A convenient washer and dryer are located in the basement mudroom.

  • Chat over morning coffee on the wooden deck bench overlooking the surrounding woods. Then take off for a day's adventure to nearby attractions or for a day of outdoor sports. Entertain yourselves in the evening with remote color TV (Direct Dish Channels), games, or books. Late into the night enjoy each other's company by the wood-burning fireplace.

  • You can prepare anything from midnight snacks to gourmet meals in the efficient modern kitchen. It comes fully equipped with microwave, dishwasher, stove and oven, refrigerator/freezer/icemaker, coffeemaker, toaster, cooking utensils, dishes, glassware, silverware and kitchen towels. Such items as salt, pepper, coffee filters, napkins, paper towels and dish detergent are provided.

  • The cabin is supplied with pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, soap, toilet paper and hangers.  Food, shampoo, personal items and a First-Aid Kit are not provided.
  • Do more with your vacation--- make it special. Stay in surroundings which combine the quiet serenity of the mountain woods with the fun and excitement of a home of the future.

  • Hot water is provided through a  small water heater.  You may want to be mindful  of the amount of hot water each person uses.

  • Sorry there is no computer connection and no long distance calls can be made from the cabin...please bring a calling card.  Cell phones do not operate at this elevation.

  • No Smoking, no pets, respectfully requested.

  • To access the dome, their is a steep asphalt driveway about 300' long.  In the winter please listen to the news for snow and ice warnings and park at the bottom of the drive if there is bad weather.

COST TO STAY: Length of Stay: The first day is $85 for 1-2 people which includes cleaning after your departure. Each additional day is $50. Each additional person is $5 per day. Check in and Check out time is Noon each day. Reservations are confirmed upon our receipt of a $50 deposit that goes towards the dome cabin rental. This $50 deposit is non-refundable.  If you need to change your rental dates, the deposit is applied towards your new rental times.   Visa, Master Card and Discover Credit Cards are accepted.

RESERVATIONS: are handled by calling Glenda at our office Monday thru Friday 9 to 5 eastern time at 321-639-8777.

To learn if the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed or open, call 1-828-298-0398.  To view information about the Blue Ridge Parkway, please visit their site


About two miles from the community entrance is Mount Mitchell Golf Course.  In addition to the 18 hole golf course, the fisherman will be delighted with the South Toe River that runs along Highway 80.  It is brimming with trophy native brown and rainbow trout. To purchase a fishing permit, call B&B Grocery at 1-828-675-4949.  Trail hiking, tennis, gemstone mining and excellent summer stock theatre offers a variety of "things to do."  Click on Fishing to learn more about the Carolina Hemlock Recreational are.

To view a Local Attractions Listings which includes local restaurants and sights along the Blue Ridge Parkway, scroll down and click on page two.

There is a convenient combination lock to remove the cable across the driveway, a convenient combination lock to enter the dome cabin and then a combination lock to enter the stair well to go up into the need for a key. You access the dome by going through a basement mud room to a stair well area that contains a spiral staircase that takes you one flight up to the dome. 

A housekeeper cleans the cabin between renters; so please leave the beds you used unmade so she knows which beds to change. 


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The following is some general info that we would like to share to assure that your visit is a happy one: 

1) We are building a 160 acre dome community about four miles from the cabin.  When the dome is being rented there is the possibility that we could have some workers staying in the basement apartment.  The stair well door can be locked to give you security from the basement apartment.

2) The heat for the cabin is fueled by kerosene.  A person with a very sensitive nose might be able to detect a kerosene aroma.  In the 12 or more years we have rented the dome this has only come up twice...but we give you a heads up just to assure that all those in your party have a great stay.  We now have a second back up heating system fueled by propane.

3) The circuit breakers are kept off to the well pump and the hot water heater when there are no renters.  Please refer to the Checklist on the Stairwell Door that covers your Closing Security responsibilities.  Thank you for taking care of our personal dome cabin.

3) Due to the remoteness of the area, cell phones do not work in the cabin area.

4) The asphalt driveway is steep. The shoulders have rock in them.  Due to the steepness  of the driveway, drive past the parking area and back into the parking area in front of the basement door.  If you park far to the right, a second vehicle can park to the right of the first vehicle.

5) The spiral stairs were built by Michael from rough sawed, red oak.  They do wiggle and although we expect the spiral stairs to be reasonably strong, we suggest you limit the weight to 250 lbs. between landings.


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