The following information covers the revising of stock plans listed on American Ingenuity’s web site file, Geodesic Dome Home PlansYour floor plan arrangement determines locations of load bearing walls to support the second floor and is the basic sheet that governs most of the other blueprints design.  The Building Plans are submitted to your building department to obtain a building permit and are used for the installation of your plumbing, foundation, dome, windows, exterior doors and framing, etc..  If you have no building department governing your property, then the building plans are needed for the installation of your plumbing,  foundation, dome, etc . Their are 13-17 sheets in a set of building plans. The  sheets show the room arrangements, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets/fixtures, dimensions and details for the installation of the foundation, details for the kit assembly, entryway/dormer panel assembly, details for framed walls under the entryways and dormers,  etc. Depending on the number of domes and foundation, the blueprints will be printed on 18″x24″ paper or on 24″x36″ paper.

You may find just the right floor plan for your new home in the stock plans listed by dome diameter size.  If  you do not find a stock plan to fit your lifestyle, American Ingenuity can modify or customize a stock plan to fit your desires or take your sketches and notes and design a custom plan at the same discounted rate as the stock plans.  To view the plans sale price and the kit sale price for each specific plan, click on Stock Plans & Kit Sale Prices.  Please be aware that smaller dome diameter plan layouts can be expanded into larger dome diameter sizes.

  1. 34’ or 36’ plans can be enlarged into larger dome sizes.
  2. 40’ stock plans can be enlarged into 45’ or 48’ plans.
  3. 45’ stock plans can be enlarged into 48’ plans.

The first two numbers of the floor plan name reflect the diameter of the dome.  For example, the 45 DELTA 21 is a 45 foot in diameter dome. Some plans are named with a diameter & then a number.

All stock plans incorporate a concrete slab foundation with wood framing for the interior walls and second floor. Other foundation types can be designed; stem wall, basement, columns, pilings, etc. Once we know which type foundation you prefer, Ai can complete a Plans Quote including a price for your custom foundation.

MINOR CHANGES TO STOCK PLANS: Most building departments will allow simple non-structural changes to the blueprints that are submitted for a permit. This might include such minor changes as:

  • Altering the windows or doors in the entryways.  If your building department requires an Energy Report to issue a permit, then the changing of the exterior doors and windows can be usually done if the change does not effect your Energy Report.
  • Changing the location of electrical fixtures and outlets
  • Changing the placement of the kitchen cabinets, sink & major appliances

If you do not have an email address, please contact a friend, relative or neighbor for an email address where Ai can email floor plan proofs to you.

Modifying a Stock Plan that is close to your dream dome allows you to adapt a proven design to your needs. The added cost of modified or custom plans is a small investment to have your home fit your needs and desires. Start with a stock plan and add, move or remove what you want changed. Include notes or descriptions if needed. Don’t be concerned about the details or items you are not sure of.
Send us your sketch including a phone number and email address, so we can contact you with a review or suggestions. After you fax, mail or email, please call us to assure we received your sketch.

While we are drawing your plans we will assist you in the design by emailing elevation views of entryways & dormers showing recommended door and window sizes and make suggestions that will be helpful. We will provide floor plan proofs for your review before all the sheets within your blueprints are designed

Stock Plans may be modified to provide for such structural changes as:

  • Reversing the plan to become a mirror image
  • Rearranging rooms, moving walls, or adding closets
  • Adding or subtracting entryways, door and window dormers, or balconies
  • Adding or removing bathrooms
  • Adding a third floor loft under a cupola (available in 40’ and larger domes)

It is best for Ai to design with a combination of load bearing first floor walls to support the second floor and suspension rods. Once we see your sketch, if there are other first floor plan alternatives to better support the second floor framing, Ai will email proof copies to you.

If you are seeking something different than what is reflected in the stock plans, then perhaps you will want to go a step further to a Custom Plan. It will encompass all your thoughts for the most perfect dome and will be drawn by our design team especially for you, yet at a reasonable cost. Custom plans are discounted at the rate as are our stock plans.

To begin your custom plans refer to the Floor Planners and Elevation Views that are listed after the stock plans pdfs in each dome diameter on our web site file Geodesic Dome Home Plans and review the guidelines document. There is a scaled ruler on each floor plan that you can cut out and use to measure distances and the length and width of the rooms.  Plus there are to scale furniture cut outs (located after the stock plans) that can be used to determine if a room fits your needs or not.  Around the perimeter of the second floor there are height lines showing 5′, 6′ and 7′ from the dome.  The top center of the second floor ranges in height from 8 feet 1″  in a 27′ dome to 13 feet 10 inches in a 48′ dome.

When planning the location of entryways and 2nd floor door dormers, balconies and window dormers note their predetermined locations on the floor planner and elevation view for each diameter dome.

When planning second floor doorways, showers, lavatories and other items requiring headroom, review the perimeter 5’, 6’, 7’ height lines for best bathroom fixture placement.

Using our computer aided design program, our CAD technician will translate your concept into a set of blueprints. Fax or email a sketch of your design and include notes on the sketch where further information is needed. Our Plans Coordinator will review your sketch and notes and call you with questions and then email a Plans Quote. The quote will show the regular and sale pricing for two sets of Building Plans, shipping costs and  will list any additional fees for services required by your building department; i.e. engineer seal on your plans, energy report, structural calculations, etc.

Don’t be concerned about the details or items you are not sure of. While we are drawing your plans we will assist you in the design. We will provide proofs for your review before plotting the final design.

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