The American Ingenuity screen dome can be assembled on a concrete footer or on a monolithic concrete slab. The following photos show a screen dome being assembled on a concrete footer.


Click on the photos to enlarge them.



These three photos show the framing of a footer and then the finished concrete footer.  This client wanted to have a dirt floor for a vegetable garden.






These photos show the assembly of the screen dome using 2x4's to support the screen dome as it is assembled.





These photos show the screen dome finished.  The screen dome encloses their second floor balcony.





To enclose the balcony, the aluminum extrusion is custom cut and installed into the concrete of the dome.




The following photos are a screen dome being assembled upon a concrete slab.




This 40' screen dome is being assembled using a center rolling scaffold with come alongs.  After one row of aluminum extrusion and aluminum hubs are installed and the screening is installed with a roller and spline; this row is lifted up and the next row of aluminum extrusion, hubs and screening is installed.





In this photo the spline is                     This is a 25' Screen                     This photo shows the   

being rolled over the                             Dome being assembled.            bottom aluminum hub

screening into the                                  (As of 2003 we sell 22' or          with five ribs attached.

extrusion channel.                                 27' screen domes not 25's)






Each five or six aluminum extrusions are screwed to two aluminum hubs (an exterior one and an interior one).






This photo is of a 34' dome       This photo shows the 34' screen              This is a screen dome

set on a concrete block             wrapped over the second floor                 made from white aluminum

planter.                                         balcony                                                          extrusion and white screening.



Sometimes our clients purchase the screen dome and install UV resistant canvas over the top of the dome and use the screening for the bottom half.  






Instead of a Screen Dome, sometimes our clients prefer a rectangular screen enclosure be attached at an entryway.  This way their screen enclosure has a solid metal roof that allows the home owner to sit out during rains and during the summer's hot spells.





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