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Geodesic Dome Homes

Our Geodesic Dome Home is constructed from a home building kit which utilizes modular building panels that consist of steel reinforced concrete, seven inch thick expanded bead polystyrene insulation (E.P.S.) and interior wall board.  American Ingenuity's prefabricated building kit produces a super-strong, super-energy efficient, fire resistant concrete dome house. 

American Ingenuity warranties their fine home building to structurally withstand hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes. 

Besides manufacturing the geodesic dome home building kit, American Ingenuity offers stock dome house plans.  If you do not find a stock geodesic dome plan to fit your needs we can modify the plan or produce custom building plans from your sketches.

Is your concrete dome cheaper to build than a stick built house or wood dome?  Yes.  First of all you save money by buying the American Ingenuity dome shell kit versus buying and installing the materials for a regular stick built house shell (roof trusses, plywood, tarpaper, shingles, insulation, wall board, soffits, gutters, etc.).  Our shell kit is typically one third to one half less in cost than the shell cost of a regular stick built house or wood dome or monolithic dome.  Click on Stick Built to learn more.


By simply placing the component panels, interconnecting the steel mesh, and concreting the seams you complete the structural framework, the exterior finish, the insulation and most of the interior shell wall board for your home's shell. 

As of 2005, we have sold over 500 kits into 46 USA states and seven foreign areas.

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Housing technology has changed very little since framing replaced the log cabin. Modifications that have been made to improve the efficiency and strength, also increased cost. We applied some American Ingenuity to the geodesic dome home, designed an all new component building system utilizing advanced kit home construction technology and developed a superior modular home plan without increasing the kit home's prices.

None of our customer service staff works on commission....we are here to answer your questions as you research which manufacturer's housing kit is best for you.

Our Concrete Dome Geodesic Building Kit Consists of one entryway and all of the component panels (four foot tall risers and triangles) you need to assemble the basic dome shell. For building kit pricing click on Prices. The floor plan you select will determine how many more entryways and dormers will be included with your building kit.  To see the Building Kit with Option Pricing for specific stock floor plans click on Stock Plans.

Our dome house kit consists of triangular and riser panels that contain a core of seven inch thick expanded bead polystyrene insulation (E.P.S.) with steel reinforced concrete on the exterior of the insulation and wall board on the interior of the insulation.

Click on Geodesic Dome Homes and Dome Building Options for more info. 


American Ingenuity is a concrete dome geodesic manufacturer that also designs dome geodesic house plans. Before you purchase a wood dome, concrete dome or log home building kit, please compare our concrete house kit to the Monolithic Dome, Timberline Geodesic Domes, Oregon Domes, Natural Spaces Domes, The Log Home Place, Log Homes by Sierra Log Homes.

An American Ingenuity geodesic dome home kit is purchased in kit form, do-it-yourselfers (DIY) without prior construction experience can assemble their dome house building kit. We will assist you in building DIY dome home.  We will answer your construction dome questions.

This advanced building system makes it easier (even for a beginner) to construct an American Ingenuity dome than a conventional house or a wooden dome. No exterior walls to frame, No roof trusses to set, No sheathing, tarpaper, or shingles to apply, No soffits, exterior trim, insulation or siding to install. Any building experience you have will be helpful when building our dome, but it is not necessary.

If you do not have the time or do not want to perform the geodesic dome construction, we know of a working consultant that will supervise your or your contractor’s laborers and assemble the shell.  Click on Kit Assembly Consultant to learn more about this service.   Click on Hoisting Mechanisms to see how the panels are lifted into place.

Once the seams are filled with concrete, the dome acts like a "monolithic dome home." The American Ingenuity Dome does not use geodesic dome connectors but relies on interlocking steel mesh covered with concrete.

You or your contractor hires local subs to form and pour the slab and complete the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc. To learn about building geodesic dome or to learn how to make a geodesic dome, click on Assemble .

To learn more on how to build a geodesic dome, click on Construction Dome to read our most common asked kit assembly questions and their answers.

To see a list of individuals who have either built an American Ingenuity Dome or who want to click on Builders.




The dome shape has inherent strength that exceeds all other home designs as proven by Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome. Our steel reinforced concrete dome home's shell is virtually indestructible, able to withstand enormous wind and snow loads and capable of supporting earth berming. As home manufacturers we are confident of our housing kits and offer a structural guarantee it will withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes.

Our dome homes have been referred to as a concrete foundation home, precast concrete house, concrete house prefab, concrete dome house, concrete round house, modern concrete house, dome home Florida, dome home manufactured, geodesic dome home kit, prefab dome home, home building kit, modular building, geodesic dome house, geodesic dome kit, geodesic dome model, etc.  No matter what you might call our dome home, call or email us anytime with your questions.

Click on General to read quotes from dome owners whose domes were in the paths of the 2004 hurricanes.  Click on Strength to read our most common asked strength questions and their answers.  Click on Panel Load Test to learn about our panels strength.  Click on Hurricane Recap to read a recap on American Ingenuity Domes withstanding hurricanes and tornadoes and to see two pictures.


The American Ingenuity Dome provides savings in heating and air conditioning costs that often exceed 50% because of the following factors: reduced surface area, uninterrupted insulation, lower air infiltration and E.P.S. insulation that is over four times the thickness used in refrigerators. 

This concrete dome model received the Aurora Award for Residential Energy Efficiency, the Grand Award for The Most Energy Efficient Home in the southeast and was featured on the Cover of Popular Science. Our concrete homes have received the E.P.A.'s Energy Star rating.  To learn more about the energy efficiency of American Ingenuity Geodesic Domes click on Energy Efficient Kit Housing.  To read our most common asked energy efficiency questions and their answers click on Energy Efficiency.

Energy Efficient Housing




High vaulted ceilings are a natural in domes. The strength of the American Ingenuity Geodesic Dome is sufficient to suspend the second floor, reducing the need for load bearing walls and allowing for large open first floor areas.  Click on Suspension Rod to learn more. 

Concrete house plans become much more interesting and practical when you break away from square rooms. Single domes range from 500 to over 3,100 square feet or you can link domes together, maybe add a garage or screen dome.  For a large commercial building, choose the 60' dome that can have over 5,000 sq.ft.  When you are designing your geodesic dome plans check out our Planning Kit.  To view some geodesic dome plans when you are designing a geodesic dome, click on Dome Home Floor Plan or purchase our Planning Kit that contains a 60 page stock floor plan booklet. 

Because of the shape of the dome a second floor is a natural. To access the second and third floors instead of an elevator, install an electric winch powered lift in a 4’x4’ area for $1,000 -$2000 in parts versus an elevator to get to the second floor.   You could design all your living space and master bedroom and bath on the first floor and put a guest bedroom and bath on the second floor and use those second floor rooms for guests or for storage.

To view some geodesic dome pictures of interiors and exteriors, click on Whaley's Spectacular Dome Photos, Kolb Wonderful Dome Pictures , Dome Pictures and  South Carolina Dome Pictures.


You can select standard entryways, high profile entryways, add window or door dormers to either the first or second floor and top it off with a cupola with our prefabricated modular home kit. Entryways can also function as a balcony for the second floor. A patio or screen dome will add new dimension to your home. This balcony, serving the second floor Master Bedroom, provides a romantic seating area or your personal space. 

We have stock floor plans or we can modify the stock plans or design custom plans from your ideas and sketches.  We can assist you in your dome home design, just fax or email your sketches and we will quote you pricing for us to convert your sketches into Building Plans.

To read our most common asked Building Plans questions and their answers click on Building Plans. To view some sample stock plans and learn more about designing custom plans, click on A.I. Building Plans.  Click on Window and Door Sizes to see what window and door sizes will fit in the window and door dormers.

If you need assistance with your building department, coordinating your subcontractors, etc. we know of a Pre-Construction consultant that can assist you.  Click on Pre-Construction Consultant  and domesbykolb to learn more about his service.  Click on Building Permit to learn more.




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