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Time to brag about our employees..  American Ingenuity  (Ai) is quite proud of its Office Staff, CAD Staff, Plant Technicians and Plant Manager.  Each one does a wonderful job in completing  his or her areas of responsibilities.

The Plant staff enjoys producing an excellent quality dome home kit. The CAD department enjoys designing top notch building plans. The Office staff thoroughly enjoys answering all questions and providing excellent customer service.    We here at

Ai want to thank you for researching American Ingenuity™s super-strong, super-energy efficient dome housing kits.


Staff Front row:

Keith - General Plant Technician:  EPS insulation cutting, Steel Mesh Cutting, Concrete Mix expert.  Seven Years w€™ Ai.

Cheryl Sales Associate, Receptionist & Newsletter Designer.  Four years w€™ Ai.

Leo Plant Manager,  Dome Geometry Expert & Dome Construction Expert.  Nineteen years w€™ Ai.

Dawn QuickBooks Bookkeeper, Assistant & Receptionist. One year w€™ Ai.

Staff Back row:

Leonard Computer Aided Drafting Technician (CAD).   Less than one year.

John - General Plant Technician: Concrete Mix Expert, Wallboard cutting.  Three years w€™ Ai.

Jean Kit Shipping Coordinator, Computer Tech, Customer Service, Assembly Manual Coordinator. Seven years w€™ Ai.

Doug General Plant Technician:  Wallboard Cutting & Adhering, Concrete Mix expert.  Eight years w€™ Ai.

Natasha Computer Aided Drafting Technician.  Custom Dome Floor Plans Designer.  Nine years w€™ Ai.

Glenda Co-Owner  of Ai since 1983.  General Manager & Coordinator between plans clients, CAD department & engineers.

Not pictured:

  • Michael Retired - Founder of American Ingenuity in 1976.
  • Dan - Operations Manager.
  • Gary web site & face book designer.



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