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State Energy Reports

Some building departments require an Energy Report when the building plans are submitted.  The Report calculates the energy efficiency of the building envelope....walls, exterior doors and windows.  Ask your building department what is required to obtain a building permit.  Do they require an Energy Report, Engineer Sealed Plans?  In most states other than California and Florida the building department will accept a Rescheck Energy Report.  Ai can complete this report once you provide specific door, window and equipment answers.  Please call Ai at 321-639-8777 for current Energy Report cost.

American Ingenuity works with engineers who can seal the Ai dome plans for 47 states (not including Hi, ND,IN or Washington DC).  The engineer seal certifies that the Ai dome complies with that states building codes. Please call Ai for current engineer seal costs.

What paperwork is required to obtain a building permit in Florida? To obtain a residential building permit in Florida, you will need Engineer Sealed Building Plans and a Florida Energy Report. You can purchase the Building Plans, Florida Engineer Seal and the Florida Energy Report from American Ingenuity. 

The Florida Energy Report has evolved into a very detailed and techical report.  Each dome client provides Ai with their window and exterior door info and what type water heater, AC/furnace they will use along with the direction their front entryway faces.  The window info includes the window size, frame type, single pane or double pane or impact resistant glass, Low E number, U factor, SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient), etc.  

Can American Ingenuity complete the California Title 24 Energy Calculations that are required to obtain a building permit in California? No, but we can put you in contact with a California firm who can complete the Title 24 energy calculations for Ai’s dome.


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