Yes.  First of all you save money by buying the American Ingenuity dome shell kit versus buying and installing the materials for a regular stick built house shell (roof trusses, plywood, tarpaper, shingles, insulation, wall board, soffits, gutters, etc.).  Our shell kit is typically one third to one half less in cost than the shell cost of a regular stick built house or wood dome or monolithic dome. 


The American Ingenuity Dome Shell Kit consists of triangular and riser panels that contain a core of seven inch thick expanded bead polystyrene insulation (E.P.S.) with steel reinforced concrete on the exterior of the insulation and wall board on the interior of the insulation.  Click on Geodesic Dome Homes and Dome Building Options for more kit contents info. 


By simply placing the component panels, interconnecting the steel mesh, and concreting the seams you complete the structural framework, the exterior finish, the insulation and most of the interior shell wall board for your home's shell.  Normally most people do not know how to set roof trusses, install shingles, etc. versus the American Ingenuity Dome Shell Kit was specifically designed for the do-it-yourselfer to assemble; thus, if you assemble the shell you save additional money and you end up with a super strong, super energy efficient home. 


An American Ingenuity dome shell kit is purchased in kit form, home owners without prior construction experience can assemble their dome shell.  The simplified building process consists of placing a row of preconcreted panels, overlapping the steel mesh from adjacent panels and filling the exterior seams with concrete.  To complete the dome shell interior, use joint compound and tape to finish the wall board seams and then paint the wall board.


I am interested in the dome house concept but also want to know if you provide one in wood as in the Timberline Product series in California? Sorry our dome kits do not contain any wood or shingles, the exterior of the American Ingenuity Dome Home is concrete that you paint on site.  To make the exterior of the dome appear more warm and friendly you can:  
What are the advantages with the concrete style over the wood style? The American Ingenuity Dome Shell Kit contains no wood to burn and no wood for termites to eat.  There are no shingles to blow off in high winds.  The American Ingenuity dome kit was designed for owner builder assembly.
Also, the wood provides some aesthetic qualities that the concrete cannot supply. (Yes.  To incorporate wood in our concrete domes, install wood as the exterior finish on the vertical walls under the entryways and build a wood porch.)
It seems to me the major reason for concrete would be cost--if it is less cost than wood and provides other savings e.g., energy, then I would give some consideration to your kit.  Yes there is a cost and energy savings to building our concrete dome versus building a wooden dome.  Once you compare the cost of our kit to the cost of the materials {plywood, shingles, insulation, wall board, etc.} to build a wooden dome or a conventional house, you will find that the American Ingenuity dome kit is about one third to one half less in cost.  Plus American Ingenuity Kit's insulation is continuous and super thick.  The 7" thick Expanded Bead Polystyrene Insulation (E.P.S.) is comparable to 11" of fiberglass batting.  And the E.P.S. does not compact or retain moisture like fiberglass batting does.
Also, what about construction issues.  Can someone like myself with general construction experience, build the kit with the assistance of a contractor? Yes, but if you feel uncomfortable supervising the assembly of your kit instead of hiring a contractor, you can hire the working consultant that we know of.  He will supervise your or your contractors laborers and get the shell assembled.  Then you or your contractor hires local conventional subs to do the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, framing, etc.  At the bottom of our web pages, click on Kit Assembly Consultant to learn more.

Click on Assemble to learn more about the kit assembly process.  To learn more about assembly, click on Kit Assembly to read our most common asked kit assembly questions and their answers.


The R-28 insulation in the American Ingenuity Dome shell is comparable to eleven inches of fiberglass batting. The American Ingenuity Dome provides savings in heating and air conditioning costs that often exceed 50% because of the following factors: reduced surface area, uninterrupted insulation, lower air infiltration and E.P.S. insulation that is over four times the thickness used in refrigerators. 

One of our domes received the Aurora Award for Residential Energy Efficiency, the Grand Award for The Most Energy Efficient Home in the southeast and was featured on the cover of Popular Science Magazine. Our concrete and foam dome homes have received the EPA's Energy Star rating.  To learn more about the energy efficiency of American Ingenuity Domes click on Energy Efficient Kit Housing.  To read our most common asked energy efficiency questions and their answers click on Energy Efficiency.

Because of strength of the American Ingenuity Dome our kit was featured on the TV show Inside Edition The dome shape has inherent strength that exceeds all other home designs as proven by Buckminster Fuller. Our steel reinforced concrete dome home's shell is virtually indestructible, able to withstand enormous wind and snow loads and capable of supporting earth berming. As home manufacturers we are confident of our housing kits and offer a structural guarantee it will withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes. Click on Strength, Load Test and Hurricane to learn more.  Click on General to read quotes from dome owners whose domes were in the paths of the 2004 hurricanes. 


The interior finishing (plumbing, electrical, framing, flooring, cabinetry, etc) will cost the same whether it is a dome or a conventional house.