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33 1/3% off -- All Stock, Modified or Custom Building Plans 

if ordered Prior to September 1, 2011

To view over 100 pages of pictures showing the Ai dome construction process......

from land excavation, foundation construction, dome kit assembly to interior finishing, please click on Ai dome construction.  Or call American Ingenuity to order its new DVD that includes 18 minutes of narrated video showing finished domes and domes under construction, plus 39 interior pictures and 427 construction pictures for $2.00 plus $1.71 mailing costs.

Because American Ingenuity does not know whether its clients will select a stock, modified or custom floor plan, Ai's basic kit pricing includes all the triangular and riser component panels for the dome shell and panels for one entryway.  That basic pricing can be located by clicking on Basic Pricing.   However for those clients who choose a stock plan, the chart below lists the types and numbers of building options (entryways, window dormers, door dormers, etc.) required for each stock plan.  The chart also gives the prices for each stock plan and the prices for the building kit with options for each plan.  

American Ingenuity's stock floor plans show the locations for your locally purchased doors and windows.   For structural integrity where ever your doors and windows will be installed, an "awning" or "eyebrow" has to extend out from the dome. Ai calls these "awnings" or "eyebrows" entryways and dormers and gives them a category name called Building Options. Under these entryways or dormers you or your framing subcontractor frames in a vertical wall and installs your windows and doors. 

Stock plans have a predetermined type and number of entryways and dormers.  These building options are listed below next to the stock plan name.  Of course you can change any of these options by having our design team modify a stock plan or design a custom plan from your sketches....these stock plans are simply a starting point.  To learn about modified or custom plans, click on Custom. All stock, modified or custom building plans are 33 1/3% off, if you order prior to August 1, 2011.  

The following Stock Floor Plans can be found in Ai's 60 page Stock Floor Plan Booklet which is included in American Ingenuity's Planning Kit.  The Floor Plan Booklet includes to-scale furniture, to-scale ruler and complete instructions on how to modify or design a custom plan.  The Planning Kit can be ordered from this web site by clicking on Visit Our Store

Or you can view and print out some of the stock plans for free, by clicking on this file Stock Plans PDF

 Call our office at 321-639-8777 to receive other stock plans via email.

Prior to 2007, American Ingenuity manufactured a 34' in diameter dome.  Because that dome was just a little "too small", Ai addd a 36' size.  The 34' stock floor plans and 34' Building Kit are still available even though we no longer include the 34' in our information.  If you would like to receive copies of the 34' stock plans when you order the Planning Kit online, in the notes area write "Please send 34' stock plans" or call our office at 321-639-8777 and request the 34' stock plans to be emailed or mailed to you.

Due to a limited space the following abbreviations apply to each Building Option:

Entryway (E)  Window Dormer (WD)  Door Dormer (DD)   Skylight (Sky)
  • To learn more about the options click on Building Options.

  • American Ingenuity does not sell Basement Kits. Although we do provide stock or custom basement building plans. Basements are built locally using standard items; i.e. concrete blocks, insulated concrete blocks (ICF), premade concrete walls or poured concrete walls. Click on Basements to learn more.

  • Ai uses Greek words (Omega, Alpha, Delta) and numbers (21, 22, etc) along with the dome diameter to name its plans. For example 27 Alpha 11: the first two digits are the dome diameter in feet, a Greek word and then a number.

2010 Dome Building Kit With Option's Pricing....

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if ordered by September 1, 2011

Floor Plan Name
Building Options Plans Pricing
Kit With Options Pricing
27 Alpha 11
1E, 1DD, 3WD
$820 $18,615
30 Alpha 11
5E, 1Sky
$865 $24,215
30 Omega 11
3E, 2WD, 1Sky
$865 $24,065
30 SIGMA 11
4E, 2Sky
$865 $24,235

Optional Basement Plans



30 ZETA 11
4E, 2Sky
$865 $24,235
 34 Stock Plans
 Request when you order the Planning Kit
36 DELTA 11
3E, 4WD, 1Sky
$925 $30,230
36 KAPPA 11
3E, 3WD, 2Sky
$925 $30,325
36 OMEGA 11
3E, 1WD, 1Sky
$925 $29,435
36 SIGMA 11 W/ 22 GAMMA 2
4E, 2WD(22 Gamma 1E, 1DD)
$1,545 $42,650
36 ZETA 21
3E, 2WD, 1Sky
$925 $29,700

Optional Basement Plans



40 ALPHA 11
3E, 2WD, 1 2nd floor DD, 1Sky
$950 $34,345
40 BETA 22
3E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD, 2Sky
$950 $34,970

Optional Basement Plans



40 BETA 32 W/ 30 GAMMA 21
2E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD, 5Sky  (30 Gamma 1E, 1 1st floor DD)
$1,615 $58,455
3E, 4WD, 1 2nd floor DD, 1Sky
$950 $34,875

Optional Basement Garage Plans



40 THETA 11
3E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$950 $34,250
40 ZETA 11
4E, 1WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$950 $34,105
40 ZETA 32
4E, 1WD, 1 2nd floor DD
$950 $34,105

Optional Basement Garage Plans



40 ZETA 33 W/ 27 GAMMA 22
4E, 1WD, 1 2nd floor DD, 5Sky (27 Gamma 1E, 1 1st floor DD)
$1,570 $53,725
45 ALPHA 22
3E, 2WD, 1 1stfloor & 1 2nd floor DD, 3Sky
$1,025 $42,110
45 BETA 11
4E, 1WD, 1 2nd floor DD, 3Sky
$1,025 $41,945
45 OMEGA 22
4E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD, 4Sky
$1,025 $42,835
45 SIGMA 22
4E, 3WD, 4Sky
$1,025 $42,450
45 ZETA 32
3E, 2High Profile E, 1WD, 5Sky
$1,025 $43,340
45 DELTA 32 W/ 34 GAMMA 22
3E, 3WD, 4Sky, (34 Gamma 2E, 3WD)
$1,735 $69,045
45 DELTA 33
4E, 1WD, 2 2nd floor DD, 4Sky
$1,025 $42,690

Optional Basement Garage Plans



4E, 2WD, 1 2nd floor DD, 3Sky

Optional Basement Garage Plans



45 SIGMA 33
3E, 1 High Profile E, 4WD, 3Sky
$1,025 $42,355

Optional Basement Garage Plans



48 ALPHA 22
3E, 1High Profile E, 2 2nd floor WD, 4Sky
$1,095 $48,290
48 BETA 22
2E, 2High Profile E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD, 4Sky
$1,095 $49,780
48 DELTA 22
1E, 2High Profile E, 3WD, 1 2nd floor DD, 2Sky
$1,095 $48,610
48 DELTA 33
3E, 2High Profile E, 2 2nd floor DD, 1Sky
$1,095 $48,770

Optional Basement Garage Plans



48 OMEGA 21
3E, 1High Profile E, 4 2nd floor WD, 5Sky
$1,095 $49,585
48 ZETA 11
4E, 3WD, 2Sky
$1,095 $48,645
1E, 1 1stfloor DD
$850 $12,940
27 GAMMA 1 or 22 GARAGE
1E, 1 1st floor DD
$820 $17,820
1E, 1 1st floor DD
$865 $22,790
2E, 3 2nd floor WD
$910 $27,015


Building Kit orders require a 30% deposit and a signed order form. The final payment should be in the form of a cashier's and is due 14 days prior to shipment. For Building Kits shipped to Florida sites, add 6% sales tax plus your counties surtax.  Plans are paid in full prior to mailing. International clients pay the plans mailing costs or the plans can be emailed in pdf format and printed out in your country. Ai accepts credit cards and checks for Building Plans.



Plans are mailed via priority mail to USA clients. Freight for Building Kits is approximately $2.00 to $2.50 per mile per step deck semi-truck, from Ai's plant in Rockledge, Florida. Minimum $800. One truck can carry one 30', 34', 36', 40', 45', or 48' Kit or two 27' Kits or two 22' Kits. Arrangements for Shipping is made by American Ingenuity.  Shipping costs can change without notice due to fuel costs, fuel surcharges, distances, etc.  Please call our office to find out our latest shipping information.   That number is 321-639-8777.


Allow 2 weeks for Stock Floor Plans. Allow at least 5 weeks for modified plans and 8 weeks for custom plans. For Building Kits allow 8 to 12 weeks after completing a building kit order.
  • *When calculating the Stock plans pricing when there are two domes involved (house with garage) we reduce the two Stock plan prices by $100.

  • The clear Skylight pricing was used to calculate the kit with option pricing.

  • The Plans Pricing does not include an Engineer Seal or an Energy Audit.

  • Conditions and costs may change requiring our prices to increase without prior notice.


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