The following info pertains to stock plans sale prices & kit sale prices for each of American Ingenuity’s stock plans.  Please scroll down this article to find the chart.  The Chart lists the name of a stock plan, the number and type of building options (entryways and dormers) for that plan and the regular and sale pricing for the building plans and the regular and sale pricing for the dome building kit specific to that plan.  

Below the chart, there is info and  various costs or fees for items that can be purchased from American Ingenuity:  Building Plan Contents,  Engineer Seal Cost for the Plans,  Engineer Design Fee for any foundation other than monolithic slab,   Energy Report Fee,   Structural Calculations Fee,   American Ingenuity’s Parts List Pricing,   Shipping Costs,   Kit Assembly Time & Costs  and   Finished Costs per sq.ft. 

Exterior community pic dome on stilts in woods

Above American Ingenuity Dome Kit   Assembled and Finished on Basement

Ai Dome is perfect for wooded areas because - no wood in or on the dome exterior walls to burn



 IF ORDER PLACED BY  May 13, 2016

SAVE $4,260- $11,183 - accept delivery by August 29, 2016



25% off — All Stock, Modified or Custom Residential or Commercial Dome Building Plans 

If ordered prior to  May 13, 2016

American Ingenuity’s (Ai’s) stock floor plans show the locations for your locally purchased doors and windows.   For structural integrity where ever your exterior doors and windows will be installed, an “awning” or “eyebrow” is installed on your dome. Ai calls these “awnings” or “eyebrows” entryways and dormers and gives them a category name called Building Options. Under these entryways or dormers you or your framing subcontractor frames in a vertical wall and installs your windows and doors.

The basic dome kit consists of all the prefabricated component panels for the dome shell and panels for one entryway. The discount is taken on the kit with one entryway pricing.  Because we do not know which plan you will select, Ai starts with a dome kit with one entryway pricing and adds on the exact type and number of building options at current pricing per your plan selection.

The kit includes no windows, exterior doors, or any interior items other than the 1/2″ DensArmor drywall on the prefab triangle & riser panels.  One 27’ or larger dome kit requires one semi-truck for delivery. American Ingenuity believes the dome kit buyer should not pay shipping costs for another truck to receive items that can be competitively priced & purchased locally; i.e.  windows, doors, flooring,  bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, etc.

There is a diagram below the pricing chart which helps clarify what the entryways and dormers look like.

  • Stock plans have a predetermined type and number of entryways and dormers.  These building options are listed next to the stock plan name.  Of course you can change any of these options by having our design team modify a stock plan or design a custom plan from your sketches on the dome planners….these stock plans are simply a starting point.  To learn about modified or custom plans, view Custom.    To learn more about the options (entryways and dormers) view Building Options.
  • Ai’ standard foundation is monolithic slab. However Ai can design other foundations; i.e. stem wall, basement, pilings, concrete block columns, etc. We do not sell Basement Kits. Although we do provide stock or custom basement building plans. Basements are built locally using standard items; i.e. concrete blocks, insulated concrete blocks (ICF), premade concrete walls or on site poured concrete walls. View Basements to learn more.  For Ai to design a foundation over than a slab, an engineer fee is added to the Plans Quote to cover the cost for an engineer to calculate the load of the dome and the load of the two floors within the dome and give joist/edge beam size/spacing and foundation design to our CAD department to incorporate within the plans.
  • To name the stock plans, Ai uses Greek words (Omega, Alpha, Delta) and numbers (21, 22, etc) along with the dome diameter. For example 27 Alpha 11: the first two digits are the dome diameter in feet, a Greek word and then a number.
  • Near the end of this article is info on  Building Plan Contents, Engineer Seal Cost for Plans, Energy Report, Structural Calculations, Parts List Items, Shipping, Kit Assembly time and costs and finished cost per sq.ft..

Please call American Ingenuity Mon-Fri 9-5 eastern time at 321-639-8777 for further clarification.

Within the Sale Pricing Chart Below Ai uses Abbreviations

to designate the type of entryways and dormers that are in each plan 

These are the Definitions.

Entryway – Structural Awning under which on site a 2×4 or 2×6 framed wall with headers is installed to frame in your locally purchased doors and windows or a bank of windows.

1E - One Standard Entryway
4E – Four Entryways
1HP – One High Profile Entryway
1GE – One G Type Entryway

Window Dormer – Structural Awning under which on site a 2×4 or 2×6 framed wall is installed to frame in a single window.

1WD – One Window Dormer – 1st floor
2WD – Two Window Dormers – 1st floor
1WD2 – One Window Dormer – 2nd floor
2WD2 – Two Window Dormers – 2nd floor

Door Dormer – Structural Awning under which on site a 2×4 or 2×6 framed wall is installed to frame in a single door.

1DD – One Door Dormer – 1st floor
2DD – Two Door Dormers – 1st floor
1DD2 – One Door Dormer – 2nd floor
2DD2 – Two Door Dormers – 2nd floor

Link - Connects two domes together.  Its location is where first floor door dormer panels or entryway panels would have been installed. Consists of either 3 1/2″ or 7″  Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation, 1/2″ Drywall adhered to EPS interior with drywall adhesive. On site galvanized steel mesh and fiber concrete are applied to the exterior of the EPS.  On site the link panels are custom fitted  to the dome panels.

Riser Panel Heights - All dome kits come with standard 4’ vertical riser panels.  However the 22’ & 27’ kits can have custom 5’ risers instead of 4′ risers.  The 30’ or larger domes can have a custom two foot riser installed above the standard 4’ risers.   The 15’ & 18’ kit pricing includes 4’ risers plus 2’ risers.

 Dome Diameters and Typical Bedroom/Bath Numbers For Each Size Dome

15′  – one bedroom/one bath – no 2nd floor w’ sq.ft of 172
18’ – one bedroom/one bath – no 2nd floor w’ sq.ft. of 249
22′ – one bedroom/one bath – 1st floor of 370 sq.ft.  Can have optional storage loft.
27′ – two bedroom/one bath – 1st floor of 555 sq.ft. - 2nd floor of max 231 sq.ft to equal 786 sq.ft. max.
30′ – one bedroom/one bath – 1st floor of 665 sq.ft. w’ optional 2nd floor for storage, office, craft room.
34′ – two bedroom/two bath – 1st floor of 852 sq.ft.  w’ 2nd floor max of 427 sq.ft. to equal  1,278 sq.ft. max.
36′ – two/three bedroom/two bath– 1st floor of 946 sq.ft. w’ 2nd floor max of 470 sq.ft. to equal 1,418 sq.ft. max.
40′- three to four bedroom/two bath – 1st floor of 1,178 sq.ft. w’ 2nd floor max of 667 sq.ft. to equal 1,845 sq.ft. max.
45′- four bedroom/two half baths – 1st floor of 1,489 sq.ft. w’ 2nd floor  max of 951 sq.ft. to equal 2,440 sq.ft. max.
48′- three/four/five bedroom/two or three bath– 1st floor of 1,693 sq.ft. w’ 2nd floor max of 1,137 sq.ft. to equal 2,830 sq.ft. max.

To view Kit Sizes & square footages, click on Specs.

Dome Diameter and Dome’s Maximum Square Footage Converted to Meters

Ai can convert its Building Plans from Feet & Square Feet to Meters & Square Meters for Small Fee

Dome diameter in feet converted to Meters:
15’ is 4.61 meters
18’ is 5.54 meters
22’ is 6.77 meters
27’ is 8.30 meters
30’ is 9.23 meters
34’ is 10.46 meters
36’ is 11.08 meters
40’ is 12.30 meters
45’ is 13.84 meters
48’ is 14.77 meters
60’ is 18.46 meters

Maximum Square Footage for each Dome Diameter converted to square meters:
15’ – 179 sq.ft. is 17.04 square meters
18’ - 272 sq.ft. is 25.90 square meters
22’ - 373 35.52 square meters
27’ - 786 sq.ft. is 74..85 square meters
30’ dome with 878 sq.ft. is 83.62 square meters
34’ dome with 1,278 sq.ft. is 121.71 square meters
36’ dome with 1,418 sq.ft. is 135.05 square meters
40’ dome with 1,845 sq.ft. is 175.71 square meters
45’ dome with 2,440 sq.ft. is 232.38 square meters
48’ dome with 2,830 sq.ft. is 269.52 square meters
60’ dome with 4,910 sq.ft. is 467.62 square meters


All Domes Can Be Designed Without a Second Floor

To view stock plans for One Story Prefab Kit, click on One Story Residence.  This link has all the Stock Plans layouts for each stock plan listed below.   Any of the domes can be designed for a commercial structure.


The Plan Sale Price in the Chart Below includes the 25% Plans Discount.
The Kit w’ Option’s Sale Price in the Chart Below
Includes the 20% Kit w’ one entryway Discount.

15-22 SP-KSP



1 story - 45


American Ingenuity’s basic kit pricing includes all the triangular and four foot vertical riser panels for the dome exterior walls and panels for one entryway.  Your floor plan selection, determines the type and number of the entryways and dormers. Due to small size of the 15′ & 18′ tiny homes, these kits have standard four foot risers and additional two foot risers.  22′ & 27′ kits can have five foot riser instead of the four foot riser.  30′- 48′ kits can have taller entryways and custom two foot risers installed above 4′ risers which results in 9’6″ or 10′ first floor ceiling heights in rooms that have second floor above them.  To view the building options available for each size dome, click on Options.

To view Ai’s current discount on the dome kit with one entryway, view Sale.  To view sale pricing on Tiny Homes, click on Tiny Domes. To view info and stock plans for the Tiny Homes, click on Tiny Plans.

After the panels are installed, the galvanized steel mesh from one panel over laps the steel mesh from another panel, is locked with C rings & pliers and depressed into the seam with on site special fiber/admixture concrete applied into the seams in two applications. The seam areas average two inches thick concrete.  Engineers tell us the seam areas act like steel beams.  The process of assembling the prefab panels produces the structural components, completes the finished exterior surface, installs all the insulation and installs all the shell drywall.  As a result the Aidome kit allows for reduced on site labor and quicker shell assembly time versus conventional construction

Why do I need entryways and dormers to install windows and doors? At specific locations around the perimeter of the dome, triangles and riser panels can be left out to provide openings where you or your framer installs a framed wall with your locally purchased doors and windows. To compensate for the triangle and riser panels being left out, these “structural awnings” – entryways and dormers have to be installed.  Diagram below helps clarify what these items look like. Please call American Ingenuity Mon-Fri 9-5 eastern time at 321-639-8777 for further clarification.

Diagram Identifying



Skylights or Solar Tubes can be purchased from other companies and installed in the prefab panels on site. Just do not cut within eight inches of the center of a seam.  If you tell us what size dome you are interested in, we can give you the size skylight which could be installed in that dome’s panel.  For additional light max out the number of second floor window dormers and second floor door dormers (install a tall window instead of a door for extra light on the second floor).

The building plan’s pricing listed below does not include an engineer seal on the plans or energy report or fee for an engineer to design basement/stem wall/ columns, pilings, etc.  It is Ai’s philosophy that each Buyer pays for only what they need. Ai does not burden the price of the building kit with plan’s pricing, engineer seal cost, structural calculations or energy report cost. Building plans are purchased three months  to two years prior to kit shipment.  About 50% of the building departments require engineer sealed plans and an energy report to issue a permit. As a result each buyer pays for their plans separately from the building kit and pays for a seal, calculations and energy report only if their building department requires them.  If you give us your property address or tax ID number & building department name, at no cost to you, Ai will call the plans examiner and inquire what is needed to obtain a building permit on the American Ingenuity dome kit.

Payment:  Building Kit orders require a 30% deposit for 22′ through 36′ domes and 40% for 40′ through 48′ domes along with a signed Order Form, Conditions of Sale (Warranty) and Specialized Material Agreement. The final payment (balance including shipping) is in the form of a cashier’s check or bank check or wire transfer 21 days prior to kit shipment. For Building Kits shipped to Florida sites, add 6% sales tax plus your counties surtax.  Plans are paid in full prior to scheduling design. Clients pay mailing costs for the plans.  Your building plan pdfs are emailed so locally sets of blueprints can be plotted for subcontractors, etc.  Plans can be paid via Visa, Master Card, Discover, personal check or money order. Ai does not accept American Express.

Shipping: Minimum shipping cost is $800 within Florida.  Shipment out of Florida is approximately $2.50 – $2.90 per mile per one semi-truck with 53 foot step deck from Ai’s plant in Rockledge, Florida to your site.   One truck can carry one Kit with 7″ EPS insulation for the sizes 27′, 30′, 34′, 36′, 40′, 45′, or 48′.  Or one truck can carry one 22’ & one 27’ kit or two 22′ Kits.  Two trucks are required for the 60′ dome.   The 45′ or 48′ kits with 9″ insulation require two trucks for delivery.  USA arrangements for shipping is made by American Ingenuity. Or  you can coordinate with Ai for your semi-truck to pick up the kit.  Shipping costs can change without notice due to fuel costs, fuel surcharges, distances, etc.  Please call our office, 321-639-8777, to find out our latest shipping information.

The 15’ kit and 18’ kit  can be picked up by the buyer if the following size truck, trailer and straps are used.  (each with one entryway, 7” EPS & one set of 2×4’s for temporary wooden rib system)

15′ kit: 

1/2 ton truck minimum (Ai recommends 3/4 ton truck )
13 ea.  2″ x 30′  straps Working Load Limit 3000 lbs.
Trailer specifications
7′ wide 20′ long minimum
tandem axle 3000 lbs. each axle
axles with brakes
bed height of 48″ max

18′ kit: 

1/2 ton truck minimum  (Ai recommends 3/4 ton truck )
13 ea.  2″ x 30′  straps Working Load Limit 3000 lbs.
Trailer specifications
7′ wide 22′ long trailer minimum
tandem axle 3000 lbs. each axle
axles with brakes
bed height of 36″ max

Delivery:  Allow 2 – 4 weeks for Stock Floor Plans. Allow at least 5 weeks for modified plans and 10 weeks for custom plans. Depending on time of year, for Building Kits allow 6 to 8 to 12 weeks after completing building kit orders and placing deposit.   Plan pricing is for one dome & two sets of plans. If two domes then pricing is based on the diameter of each dome.  The Plans Pricing does not include an Engineer Seal or an Energy Report or structural calculations. These items can be purchased from American Ingenuity if required by your building department to issue a building permit. Conditions and costs may change requiring our prices to increase without prior notice.

Below is listed info and  various costs or fees for items that can be purchased from American Ingenuity:  Building Plan Contents, Engineer Seal Cost for the Plans,  Engineer Design Fee for any foundation other than monolithic slab,   Energy Report Fee,   Structural Calculations Fee,   American Ingenuity’s Parts List Pricing,   Shipping Costs,   Kit Assembly Time & Costs  and   Finished Costs per sq.ft. 


34 beta 15




Building Plan Composition