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What have some of your dome owners said about their American Ingenuity dome homes?

From R. Whaley, Florida: "Once the dome is initially heated or cooled, the temperature remains constant. Just think of when you take your soda pop to the beach on the hottest day of the year in an inch thick foam cooler. Once the house gets cool or hot as desired, it retains that temperature and stays constant." In 2004 their dome went through two hurricanes. The following is their comments on the storms: "We live in a 34' dome one block from the ocean. Our domes went through Hurricane Frances and the exit winds of Hurricane Charley. During the hurricane we could hear things hitting the domes. In the morning we walked around the yard and picked up shingles and soffits from other people's houses and washed off our driveway. It was as if nothing had happened at all." (34' dome home and 27' dome garage)

From the Mathes, Florida: Their 34' dome home with 30' garage dome utilize a solar water heater and photovoltaic panels to power their lights and refrigerator. Although, their A/C, washer, well pump and TV are still connected to the meter, their total electric bill was less than $150.00 for the year. The owner/builder also states, "This has been a wonderful experience that I would not trade for ANYTHING!"

From G. Busick, Florida: "During the hot summer months (May thru August), we can cool a 1,200 sq.ft. dome for less than $33 a month. We maintain an interior temperature of 76 degrees when home and 80 degrees when not.

During Hurricane Jeanne, our neighborhood had 80 mph winds. The Ai domes had no damage, but a neighbor across the street lost roof.. Her carpet and interior walls had to be replaced due to water damage." (34' dome home and 22' garage dome)

From M. Busick, Florida: "During the hot summer months (May thru August), we can cool our 3,700 sq.ft. dome offices for less than $74 a month. During Hurricane Frances and Hurricane Jeanne our office domes experienced 80 to 100 mph winds and suffered no damage. (45' and 34').

From the Sparrows, Florida Keys: "We call our home 'Sparrows' Nest''s pretty strong. It may look small from the outside, but...there's a lot of room. The house is a rock." (30')

From the Clarks and Sayles, Ft Pierce Florida: "The eye wall of Hurricane Frances sat on us for two hours so the category 2 hurricane did category 3 damage. We experienced 120 to 130 mph winds with no dome damage while the house across the street lost most of its shingles."

From the Woods, Port Charlotte Florida: "We were in the direct path of Hurricane Charley. We had winds greater than 145 mph and our dome had no problems. One widow got a crack from debris. Most of our town was destroyed and all three area hospitals had roof damage. Thank you for our dome." (40' dome and 27' garage dome)

From the Vandebergs and Delongs, North Ft. Meyers Florida: "Thank you for our dome. The eye of Hurricane Charley passed only 15 miles from our dome. We had 117 mph sustained winds. Our domes stood strong. The only vulnerable part was our garage door. We used 2x4's, plywood and sandbags to keep it from blowing in." (34' dome and 27' garage dome)

From the Drybolas, Milton Florida: "Our neighborhood looked like a war zone. We were in the direct path of Hurricane Ivan and had the full blast of the winds plus there was a tornado in our area. Our concrete domes were wonderful and suffered no damage, despite winds of over 135 mph. Pine trees were stripped of bark and needles and many were lying on a 45 degree angle. Firefighters came by our dome and told us 'You have the right house for this storm.' We've had over 200 people stop by and see our dome. Believe me your product has never been shown off as good! Wish more people by the beaches, who lost everything would come by, sure wouldn't have to worry anymore." (45' and 30' with 34' screen dome)



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