The finished price per sq. ft. a home can be built for is dependent upon house square footage size, finishings, state (location within the state) and whether the dome is built by a local Contractor/Builder or is Owner Built.  Every area varies on what the finished cost per sq.ft. is because labor costs, site development costs and building code requirements vary by area.

You will find on smaller structures the cost per sq. ft. runs higher than larger homes. This is because all homes regardless of size will require a bathroom(s) and a kitchen - which are two of the most expensive rooms to build. On a larger home the cost to install the bathrooms and kitchens is spread out over a larger square footage area. On a small home with less square footage to divide the bathroom & kitchen into, will result in a higher cost per sq. ft. to build.

The Finished Cost below is an estimate based on the home being built by a Contractor/Builder and having a moderately finished home on a monolithic slab.  Total estimated finished cost on the dome includes onsite installation of the slab, dome kit, plumbing, electrical, doors, windows, HVAC, kitchen (cabinets and midline appliances) and baths, etc.

One 27′ dome kit or larger kit requires one semi-truck for delivery.  The kit includes the insulated prefab panels for the outer shell only, no windows, doors, interior finishes or utilities are supplied. We believe the Buyer should not pay shipping costs for an additional truck to receive these items because the interior items & doors & windows can be competitively sourced locally and purchased locally.

To view three actual dome kits pricing which Ai shipped recently, click on Actual.  To view an article which has four charts - one of which lists items which can be purchased from Ai and other charts estimating finished costs when the dome is Owner Built or by a Contractor, click on Approx. Finished Costs.

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