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To view over 1,000 pictures of the construction of an American Ingenuity dome in Florida from excavation of land to dome kit assembly to interior finishing, click on Florida Dome.


Ai has designed three, small sized two frequency domes for the rebuilding of Haiti.   The following is the pricing proposal:

20’ Geodesic Dome Building Kit with 2’ riser panel (2 frequency)

  • First floor square footage 294 sq.ft. 
  • With 5/8” steel reinforced concrete exterior
  • With 3” EPS insulation
  • With one door dormer
  • No shell wall board
  • 2 riser panels will contain 4” PVC pipe

Single Purchase:     $5,227 + or – 5%

100+ Purchase:      $4,704 + or – 5%

 18’ Geodesic Dome Building Kit with 2’ riser panel (2 frequency)

  • First floor square footage 238 sq.ft. or
  • With 5/8” steel reinforced concrete exterior
  • With 3” EPS insulation
  • With one door dormer
  • No shell wall board
  • 2 riser panels will contain 4” PVC pipe

 Single Purchase:     $5,079 + or – 5%

100+ Purchase:      $4,572 + or – 5%

 15’ Geodesic Dome Building Kit with 2’ riser panel (2 frequency)

  • First floor square footage 165 sq.ft. 
  • With 5/8” steel reinforced concrete exterior
  • With 3” EPS insulation
  • With one door dormer
  • No shell wall board
  • 2 riser panels will contain 4” PVC pipe

Single Purchase:     $4,834 + or – 5%

100+ Purchase:      $4,350 + or – 5%

 Freight is not included.

 This proposal expires as of August 20, 2010.





third most destructive hurricane

to ever make landfall in the United States

September 2008:  Vicki and David Evans of Seabrook, Texas went through Hurricane Ike in an American Ingenuity dome home (48’ and 34’ with 40’ screen dome).  Vicki states, “Our domes had no damage although we had significant tree damage on our one acre lot.  We slept through Hurricane Ike and only the next day realized how violent the hurricane had been.  Whole communities two miles away in the Galveston Bay area  were destroyed.  Our neighbors could not believe that we slept through the storm….they told us that they had been up all night due to the violent winds and noise. We did not have to replace or repair our roof. YEA!  Many of our neighbors have spent the last several months replacing their roofs.   Because of the aerodynamic shape of the dome, its steel reinforced concrete construction and its thick insulation, the hurricane sounds were not absorbed through the walls of the dome and our domes had no damage.  We are really glad that we built our domes back in 1991.”

To view our Hurricane recap, click on Hurricane.


American Ingenuity's stock floor plans are now available in PDF format.  Click on PDF to view and print out the stock plans for the 22' thru 48' in diameter domes.  


DXF Floor Plan Design Files

Now Available

Would you like to design your own Dome Floor Plan?  If you know how to use a Computer Aided Drafting Program (CAD) and if you do not see a stock plan in American Ingenuity’s Dome Stock Floor Plan Booklet that fits your needs, you can now order CDs of American Ingenuity’s Stock Floor Plans in DXF format and design your own floor plan.  By purchasing the CD, you can modify an A.I. stock plan to produce sketches that American Ingenuity can use to design your custom Building Plans.  Once we see your dome sketches, we can quote you a price to convert your files into working dome building plans.

When you purchase a CD of DXF files for the 22' thru 48' domes, we include a bonus item…..a DXF file of a six inch in diameter Mini-Dome.  Not only will this model be fun to put together, but that it will also serve as a reliable reference for building a life-size 30' thru 48' dome.  Once the Mini-Dome is assembled, you can see the dome geometry consisting of Hexagon, Pentagon and Riser panels.  FYI the Mini-Dome configuration is based on the 3-frequency, 3/8 sphere geometry that American Ingenuity uses in its 30' thru 48' dome sizes.  The 22' and 27' dome geometry is 2-frequency, 1/2 sphere while the 60' dome geometry is based on a 4-frequency 3/8 sphere.

American Ingenuity designs the DXF files using the AUTOCAD program.  In order to manipulate or edit the DXF files you need the AUTOCAD program or a compatible drafting program.   If you do not have AUTOCAD, on the internet there is a free 30 day trial of Delta Cad which is compatible with AutoCAD  Also you can read and edit the DXF files if you have a photo editor program like adobe or paint shop. And you can read the dxf files but not edit them using Microsoft word and power point. 


American Ingenuity’s Stock Floor Plans are now available on CDs in DXF format.  Each CD contains the DXF files for a particular dome diameter’s stock plans.  Each CD is $10 plus the mailing costs. 

To place your order, please call our office Monday – Friday 9 to 5 eastern time at 321-639-8777.  Let us know which CDs you want, along with your shipping info and your credit card info.  

 The following CDs by Dome Diameter(s) are available.  The floor plans are for Residential Dome Home floor plans or Basement Plans or Garage Floor Plans.  No commercial plans are available.

  • 27’ stock floor plans
  • 30’ stock floor plans
  • 36’ stock floor plans
  • 40’ stock floor plans
  • 45’ stock floor plans
  • 48’ stock floor plans
  •  22’, 27’, 30’, 34’ and 36’ garage stock floor plans
  • 60’ Floor Planner and Furniture.  (No Sock Floor Plans are available; all 60’ plans are a Custom Designs.  Once our Plans Coordinator sees your 60’ sketches, he will quote you a  price for us to design your 60’ Custom Plans.) 

<!--[Each CD of DXF files for American Ingenuity’s 22’ through 48’ diameter domes  includes:

  • First floor and second floor room arrangements with second floor headroom height lines.
  • Optional stock basement plans, if available for that particular stock plan.
  • An elevation view showing a cross sectional view of the dome revealing the center heights of each floor and a Pictorial/Elevation view which details many of the building options available for that diameter dome.
  • A Blank Floor Planner.
  • A furniture DXF file that you can use to cut and paste the furniture into the stock plan.
  • A bonus Mini-Dome DXF file.

  Origins and terminology of CAD

 per Wikipedia “The Free Encyclopedia”

CAD  originally meant Computer Aided Drafting because in the early days CAD was really a replacement for the traditional drafting board. Now, CAD usually means Computer Aided Design to reflect the fact that modern CAD tools do much more than just drafting.

CAD is sometimes translated as "computer-assisted", "computer-aided drafting, or a similar phrase. Related acronyms are CADD, which stands for "computer-aided design and drafting", CAID for Computer-aided Industrial Design and CADD for "computer-aided architectural design". All these terms are essentially synonymous, but there are a few subtle differences in meaning and application. CAM  (Computer aided manufacturing) is often used in a similar way, or as a combination (CAD/CAM).  

NEW DOME SIZE........36' in Diameter
Michael Busick, founder of American Ingenuity and inventor of our special component panel, has decided to add a 36' Dome Building Kit to our inventory as the 34' dome was just a little too small for a two bedroom/two bath home.  Our building plan designers have converted the 34' plans to the 36' size.  The 36' stock plans are now available in dxf format.   Clients can still purchase the 34'stock floor plans and the 34' Building Kit.

Prior to the Kit Assembly Consultant supervising the dome kit assembly, our clients had to hire a contractor who generally had never assembled an American Ingenuity Dome before.  As a result the contractor would need to over-charge because he did not know how long it would take or what problems would arise.  The Kit Assembly Consultant works directly for you as an independent subcontractor and can provide you with references for previous A.I. domes built.  Using this consultant will assure that your building kit is assembled correctly and in a timely fashion.

To learn about the Consultant, click on Kit Assembly Consultant.

Sorry we do not give out the name of the Assembly Consultant.  He is on a job site and cannot be disturbed.  If you are interested in utiilizing the Consultant, please call our office at 321-639-8777. 
If you would like to receive periodic news updates about American Ingenuity and the A.I. Dome, sign up for our online newsletter by going to our home page. 

8 Residential Lots Are Available!

The dome development is four miles west off the Blue Ridge parkway, along Highway 80 in North Carolina, just East of Mt. Mitchell.  The address is 10407 Highway 80 South and is located between the small towns of Burnsville and Marion.

At last, a planned dome community where property taxes are low and residents live free from fears of high utility bills.  People live in harmony with each other, the land, deer, wild turkeys, chipmunks, birds, and many other forest animals nestled in nature.

The community is nestled over 160 acres of pristine  forested mountains full of oaks, hemlocks, rhododendrons, and mountain laurels with seasonal streams. All this located within one hour of Asheville, where farmers’ markets and outdoor cafes abound.  The first phase of the development is 60 acres.  To learn more click on North Carolina Dome Community.




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