Solar Array Constructed 1999

50 Solar Panels Mounted on a custom made rack

Main Trailer is housed under Solar Array and Smaller Trailer Houses all Power Equipment

Wind and Gas Generators supplement the 24V Battery Bank charging

Component Manufacturer Description
Solar Panels Unisolar 52 US42 - 2 US64 - 2 US32 Panels Total 2376 Watts
Charge Controllers Trace 2 - C40 40 Amp
Batteries Trojin 28 - T-105 6V Deep Cycle 220AH Connected for 24 Volt Output
Inverter Trace SW4024 4000 Watt 120VAC 60Hz Sinewave Output
Wind Generator Southwest Windpower AIR403 400 Watt 24 Volt
Gas Generator Onan - Military 28 Volt 1500 Watt 2 cyl 4 cycle overhead valve 16 Cubic Inch Military Gasoline Generator - Pull Rope Start w/modified starter motor belt pulley